Sharkskin’s Patented 2-Ply System consists of an engineered high-tensile strength polypropylene-based structure nailed to the roof deck as an anchor sheet. A second layer, identical in structure to the base layer, is then bonded with the first layer using our high strength synthetic butyl adhesive. This state of the art Sharkskin 2-Ply System consistently outperforms standard asphalt-based 30# felt and other asphalt-based adhesive underlayments.

Miami-Dade certification is the highest standard designed to protect structures from any wind-borne debris that would result from the onset of hurricane force winds. Dade and Broward Counties are in what is classified as High-Velocity- Hurricane-Zones (HVHZ). This zone is rated as 150 mph plus winds and is the highest rating in Florida. A new testing approval process was established for building products and materials used in this zone. These products must have a Dade County Product Approval to be used on any structure built in the Miami-Dade area.

Once roofing products, materials and methods have been approved through this testing process, they receive a certification rating and a NOA (Notice Of Acceptance) is issued. Products with Florida Product Approval may be used throughout Florida with the exception of the Dade and Broward Counties. These Counties require an NOA for any roofing product and system to be used within their zone. The same roofing products, and systems listed that require a Florida Product Approval as specified by Rule 9B-72 must have the additional testing and receive an NOA to be used in Dade and Broward Counties as well as any other municipality that chooses to adopt these more strict code requirements.