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Sharkskin provides a high strength moisture protective covering by combining a number of key performance features to create a revolutionary line of roofing, building envelope, air/water vapor barrier products and energy saving roofing systems.


Your most important step toward an integrated roof system in all zones and seasons.












Extreme Cold

Code Compliance

Our products are engineered to exceed industry standards for long term moisture protection.

Project Profiles

Project Profile: Memorial Hermann Hospital Roof Renovation


Problem: Hurricane Ike with winds of 110 mph ripped off roof tiles. Tiles that remained on the roof were loose and posed a life-safety risk to pedestrians below. Design Challenge: Consultants recommended a peel & stick roof underlayment to prevent wind driven rain from creating roof leaks. An asphalt/modified bitumen…

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Project Profile: Reroof to Improve Energy Efficiency


Problem: A residence on the NE shore of Oahu required a reroof that would reduce heat gain.​ ​Design challenge: The 2×8 roof beams are exposed inside and finished with a clear stain so there is no opportunity to add insulation below the roof deck. ​ ​Solution: To keep the weight…

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Project Profile: Reroof to Create Energy Saving Aluminum Shake Roof


Above Sheathing Ventilation with Radiant Barrier Roof Assemblies Sharkskin Ventilated Roof Mat® w/Sharkskin Ultra Radiant® create both above sheathing ventilation (ASV) and Sharkskin Ultra Radiant® reflects radiant heat and creates a cooler attic, which reduces cooling costs. See contractor testimonial below. Installed in 2014 This job is a just completed…

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Success Stories

...Sharkskin Ultra® Roof Underlayment protected a hand-crafted timber-frame home from the extremes of northern Rocky Mountain weather for a year and a well as any "final" roof covering could have done. After this experience, I cannot overemphasize the confidence I have in the performance of Sharkskin Ultra® when used as intended: as "merely" a roof underlayment.

- Michael Russell

...The installed roof system is tight to the roof deck, solid under foot and very easy to walk on without denting the panels. We had no trouble with any of the penetrations (skylights, hood vents and plumbing pipe vents) The owner came up on the roof during installation and is very happy with the results. He now wants us to re-roof several other properties he owns on Oahu.  Thank you for introducing this great product.

- Fred Rehm