Sharkskin is Recyclable


Recyclability and diversion of waste to landfill (resin recycling identification code 5.   No VOC of material or adhesive.

Sharkskin Green LEED


Sharkskin is Economical as well as Ecological.  We want sustainability and durability without sacrificing high performance.

Sharkskin is Concerned About the Environment


We can provide educational materials and workshops to help promote Green building practices.

Keeping Our Promise to the Environment

Green/LEED Considerations:

At Sharkskin, when we think Green or LEED, we think Economical as well as Ecological. We want sustainability and durability. We think high performance. We want to focus on the intent of the program’s credits and not just our contribution to possible points. We think about our products and how they contribute to a system that improves the safety and health of not only the occupants of the structure but the building professionals in the construction (application) process.

Sustainable Sites (SS): Heat Island Effect – The Intent of this credit is to limit the thermal differences between the developed and undeveloped areas.

• Sharkskin should be an integral part of any cool roof system.
IE: Tile, Metal, Single membrane, or Vegetated Roof Systems

Water Efficiency (WE): Rainwater Harvesting – The Intent of this credit is to offset municipal water use for irrigation and specific indoor water conveyance applications.

• We eliminate the potential for water contact with any toxic felt/tar paper underlayment. Chemically, the sheet is inert, with a neutral pH factor.

Energy and Atmosphere (EA): Reduce Energy Usage – Intent of this credit is improved energy performance in an effort to reduce economical and environmental impacts of excessive energy use.

• Assist in limiting the load on the insulation improving thermal performance
• Assist in reducing HVAC Loads
• Renewable Energy Systems – Sharkskin should be the underlayment to any roofing system that will occupy a Solar PV or Solar Thermal System to insure roof life for reduced maintenance of the roof and solar system

Materials and Resources (MR): Intent – To reduce the impact of the manufacturing and
shipping process on the environment. Encourage the reuse and recycling of products and materials to increase diversion of waste to landfills and extend the life cycle of buildings and materials.

• Added Protection to Roofing substrates
• High scrim strength and long life span for durability of entire roof system
• Recyclability and diversion of waste to landfill (resin recycling identification code 5)
• Inert

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ): Intent – To improve the overall quality of the indoor environment adding to the comfort and safety of the structure.

• Mold Resistant Material
• Added Moisture Management keeping building interior dry and combating the potential of mold development
• No VOC of material or adhesive

AE: Awareness and Education
In an effort to participate in the continuing education and product awareness that can be specified in some green building programs, Sharkskin could be interested in sponsoring a product workshop for regional Developers, Architects/Designers, General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Building Departments, Fire Departments.