Sharkskin Ultra

SHARKSKIN ULTRA® the “Original” synthetic roof underlayment developed in California and brought to market in 2001 to replace inferior tar paper and SBS underlayments, in concrete/clay roof tile installations.

SHARKSKIN ULTRA® Is a high-performance roof underlayment for all metal, slate, shingle and tile roof battened and counter battened installations in new construction, remodeling and renovation.

SHARKSKIN ULTRA® has a unique patented design that uses multiple layers of blended polypropylene to achieve:

  • High tensile strength- for durable secondary moisture protection
  • High traction non-slip surface- for excellent grip and safe walking. Always use caution and fall protective gear especially in wet weather and windy conditions.
  • 12 months UV resistance
  • ICC-ES, Miami Dade and Florida Building Code approved
  • All temperature performance -40˚F to 280˚F
  • Light grey surface- cooler for installers to work with and over.
  • Installs with 3/8” roofing nails- doesn’t require cap nails
  • 50-year warranty